Monday, October 8, 2012

Editor Clips

When it comes to politics, there is no sugar coating it, I know next to nothing. And I don't pretend to. So when the assignment was to watch the presidential debate and clip what was considered "news worthy", my thought was "Well isn't everything considered newsworthy? It's the presidential debate." Needless to say, I watched it and was lost for the most part. 

The main thing I would have done differently is either be more educated about the topic, which I would presumably be based off of what I was covering, or pick something to edit I actually care about. Had it been a sports related press conference or something about the newest Apple productions, I would have been more intrigued and more entertained by the subject and the ability to instantly clip what I was watching. 

The tool itself is astounding. The ability to clip and share near live T.V. will ultimately revolutionize online journalism. Bloggers, Tweeters, Facebookers and every type of social media should and will utilize this and gain traffic as well as readers from this tool. One of the coolest and easiest things I've used on the internet. 

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