Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Iowa Judges

On Tuesday, October 25th I got the opportunity to attend a press conference for those in favor of retention for the Iowa judges. A small crowd of mainly elderly folk and college students there for a class showed up to the event to hear Dan Moore speak Moore has been practicing law for 35 years and is the former president of the Iowa State BAR Association. Those in the crowd sported signs such as "Yes Judges" as Moore encouraged the audience to "turn your ballots over and vote yes."

Moore's main argument during his speech was that the judges "applied the constitution" in their decisions instead of going from personal beliefs. "Justice should not be for sale to the highest bidder," said Moore. He also stated that the campaign he is currently on is meant to appeal to those undecided voters or to those whom are leaning towards voting yes, but need, "a little push in the right direction." In his closing statement, Moore said he is still "proud to be an Iowa lawyer," and reminded people that, "you don't throw out a justice based off of one decision."

Iowa State Senator Bill Dotzler was present in the crowd and spoke to the group of attending college students after the conference. Lisa Hansen also let them observe how she approaches someone for an interview as well as view the interview process itself.

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