Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Iowa Supreme Court in Waterloo was perhaps one of the more interesting things I've seen, even if I don't realize it. The opportunity to see the IASC isn't exactly rare seeing as how their courtroom is based in Des Moines and is occasionally open to the public, but the fact that they are touring Iowa creates chances most people don't usually have to see them in action.

I've already covered that majority of the case in a previous blog, and the facts remain the same and were simply regurgitated to us as a class on Thursday. I knew this would be the case, so I focused more on the actions of the lawyers and the justices themselves during the process.

I don't know if it was nerves being in front of a larger audience, or being out of a court room setting, or if it was just because she was in front of the supreme court, but Karla Shea seemed shaky in her argument's delivery to say the least. She admitted herself, prior to Thursday, that she is always a little nervous in front of the Iowa Supreme Court so that might have had a little more to it than she let on.

Ray Walton, meanwhile, looked like he belonged there arguing his case to those judges. And those judges grilled him hard. He stood firm and stuck to his arguments and was clear and articulate with his words.

The judges themselves were surprisingly vocal during the arguments. I thought it would be them sitting quietly and letting the arguments be fed to them and then ask questions later, not interrupting the attorneys mid-stream and asking questions. I did think this was perhaps a little on the rude and irrational side due to the fact that they interrupting the lawyers may cause a question not to be answered or perhaps an important point not be made.

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